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Renewables - Windmill

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For a long time, ALIOS Group company has developed a high experience in the windmill field by participating in hundreds of windmill groundwork studies in several wind farm in France and abroad. (Check the accurate count on www.alios-eolien.com).

To do this, ALIOS Group has brought engineers and technicians together, in the same department, dedicated to the study, the recommendation and the monitoring of the work construction, wherever they are located. Thanks to their knowledge and to the new technique development permitting a constant update of their know-how, they are able to propose adapted and reliable solutions while respecting the environment.

ALIOS Group proposes you to realize soil studies permitting an optimized sizing of the foundations. Those studies include drilling on site (core drill hole, pressuremeters…), geophysical and/or hydrogeological measures, laboratory tests…and also theirs interpretation by the experienced engineers. Each windmill from a farm is the subject of a specific necessary study to explain the work construction stability.

To ensure the strict and rigorous execution of the recommendation, ALIOS Group ensures the geotechnical monitoring of execution (G3) or the supervision and management of the geotechnical monitoring of execution (G4) as part of the standard application NFP 94-500.

Supported by a solid network in France, ALIOS Group is the indispensable partner to ensure the success of your project. Discover all the services of the windmill department of ALIOS Group on www.alios-eolien.com

Renewables - Photovoltaic

Geology and geotechnic, sciences of the earth and its environment, study the environment on which are coming to light works and material needed to its constructions.

Also, ALIOS Group realises studies that have regard for the project impact on the environment to propose respectful solutions of sites and its environments.

Already a recognized expert in the studies of windmill foundations, ALIOS Group had, understandably, extend its expertise area into the photovoltaic power plant construction. Why doing soils studies for photovoltaic farm?

Even though photovoltaic panels do not provide a substantial lowering load, they are notwithstanding, subjected to efforts related to winds leading substantial horizontal thrusts. So they need appropriate supports on the ground and on the stress especially because they are often build on poor grounds.

It is mandatory to propose optimum foundations ensuring quick project profitability while also respecting the soil and its environment. ALIOS Group studies the different inking solutions of the photovoltaic panels to ensure the success of your project.

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Check all the services of the Renewable Energies Department of ALIOS Group on : www.alios-eolien.com

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