Our societal commitments

So ALIOS Group has the highest respect to its customers, it also intends to defend, at its level, values that it feels essential for a continuing development.

As a services company, ALIOS Group wealth is based on people who operates it. That is why it intends to put them at the centre of its daily concerns.

Geotechnic is a risky activity. In fact, it means working with machines that can, if we do not pay attention, be particularly dangerous for those who use it. To prevent any accident, ALIOS Group plans consistently, despite the regulation silence, to send out in the field crews made up of 2 persons at least.

« On no account our employers are alone. This way, if by misfortune an accident should happen, the second crew member could raise the alarm » says Pascal Chassagne.

For more security, ALIOS Group has recently replaced mainly of its off-road vehicles used to tow its mobile equipment by trucks safer.

Through its business, ALIOS Group has close relationship with the environment. So the company makes a point of honour to leave site works completely clean behind, that no waste makes it dirty. And also because ALIOS Group knows how difficult is, despite a regular machine maintenance, to totally eradicate leaks that sometimes occur at their hydraulic systems level, the company has decided to make them work with vegetable oil, an economically disadvantageous fluid but biodegradable. That way, ALIOS Group avoids long-standing pollution risks.

Some years ago, ALIOS Group has established recycling in its headquarters offices and also in its agencies. An initiative completed by other eco-responsible behaviours and as well by an effort of paper consumption reduction which, with a constant activity, has declined by about 25% in 3 years.

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